The symposium will last for two days, and will be followed immediately by IEEE Virtual Reality 2013.

Saturday 16th

08:30 - 10:00am Introduction || Keynote : P. Baudisch
10:00 - 10:30pm Morning Tea
10:30 - 11:15am

Papers 1: Gestures

[Technote] ForceExtension: Extending Isotonic Position-controlled Multi-touch Gestures with Rate-controlled Force Sensing for 3D Manipulation | Jia Wang, Robert Lindeman

[Technote] User-Defined Gestural Interaction: a Study on Gesture Memorization | Jean-François Jégo, Alexis Paljic, Philippe Fuchs

[Technote] Effects and Optimization of Visual-Proprioceptive Discrepancy Reduction for Virtual Grasping | Mores Prachyabrued, Christoph W. Borst

11:15 - 12:00pm Posters & Demos Fast Forward
12:00 - 1:30pm Lunch
1:30 - 3:00pm

Papers 2: Locomotion

[Long paper] Is the User Trained? Assessing Performance and Cognitive Resource Demands in the Virtusphere | William E. Marsh, Tim Hantel, Christoph Zetzsche, Kerstin Schill

[Long paper] Latency and Avatars in Virtual Environments and the Effects on Gait for persons with Mobility Impairments | Gayani Samaraweera, Rongkai Guo, John Quarles

[Long paper] Tapping-In-Place: Increasing the Naturalness of Immersive Walking-In-Place Locomotion Through Novel Gestural Input | Niels Christian Nilsson, Stefania Serafin, Morten Havmøller Laursen, Kasper Søndergaard Pedersen, Erik Sikström, Rolf Nordahl

[Technote] Flexible Spaces: Dynamic Layout Generation for Infinite Walking in Virtual Environments | Khrystyna Vasylevska, Hannes Kaufmann, Mark Bolas, Evan Suma

3:00 - 3:30 Afternoon Tea
3:30 - 5:00pm

Papers 3: Systems and Applications

[Technote] Design and Implementation of an Immersive Virtual Reality System based on a Smartphone Platform | Anthony Steed, Simon Julier

[Long paper] Punching Ducks for Post-Stroke Neurorehabilitation: System Design and Initial Exploratory Feasibility Study | Patrick Dukes, Austen Hayes, Michelle Woodbury, Larry Hodges

[Technote] A novel 3D carousel based on pseudo-haptic feedback and gestural interaction and its use for virtual showcasing | Pierre Gaucher, Ferran Argelaguet, Jerome Royan, Anatole Lécuyer

[Long paper] Expressing Animated Performances through Puppeteering | Takaaki Shiratori, Moshe Mahler, Warren Trezevant, Jessica Hodgins

[Technote] Virtual Archery with Tangible Interaction | Christian Geiger, Simon Thiele, Laurid Meyer, Daniel Drochtert, Jörg Stöcklein, Björn Wöldecke

Sunday 17th

08:30 - 10:00am

Papers 4: Perception and illusion

[Long paper] Tactile Flow on Seat Pan Modulates Perceived Forward Velocity | Tomohiro Amemiya, Koichi Hirota, Yasushi Ikei

[Long paper] Redirected Touching: Training and Adaptation in Warped Virtual Spaces | Luv Kohli, Mary C. Whitton, Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

[Long paper] An Evaluation of Two Simple Methods for Representing Heaviness in Immersive Virtual Environments | Johannes Hummel, Janki Dodiya, Robin Wolff, Andreas Gerndt, Torsten Kuhlen

[Technote] Navigating in Virtual Environments with 360° Omnidirectional Rendering | Jérôme Ardouin, Anatole Lécuyer, Maud Marchal, Eric Marchand

10:00 - 10:30am Morning Tea
10:30 - 12:00pm Posters & Demos
12:00 - 1:30pm Lunch
1:30 - 3:00pm Papers 5: Selection and Manipulation

[Long paper] Touch & Detach: Separating and Observation Methods for Complex Virtual Objects Using an Elastic Metaphor | Mai Otsuki, Tsutomu Oshita, Asako Kimura, Fumihisa Shibata, Hideyuki Tamura

[Technote] Optimal 3D Selection Technique Assignment Using Real-Time Contextual Analysis | Jeffrey Cashion, Chad Wingrave, Joe Laviola

[Technote] The God-Finger Method for Improving 3D Interaction with Virtual Objects through Simulation of Contact Area | Anthony Talvas, Maud Marchal, Anatole Lécuyer

[Technote] Effects of Visual Conflicts on 3D Selection Task Performance in Stereoscopic Display Environments | Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

[Technote] Hook: Heuristics for Selecting 3D Moving Objects in Dense Target Environments | Michael Ortega

3:00 - 3:30pm Afternoon Tea
3:30 - 5:00pm 3DUI Contest, Awards & Closing Remarks