Best Paper

  • Expressing Animated Performances through Puppeteering
    Takaaki Shiratori, Moshe Mahler, Warren Trezevant & Jessica K. Hodgins (Microsoft, Disney, AutoDesk & CMU)

Honorable Mention paper

  • Punching Ducks for Post-Stroke Neurorehabilitation: System Design and Initial Clinical Evaluation
    Patrick S. Dukes, Austen Hayes, Larry F. Hodges & Michelle Woodbury (Clemson Univ. & Medical Univ. South Carolina)

Best Technote

  • The God-Finger Method for Improving 3D Interaction with Virtual Objects through Simulation of Contact Area
    Anthony Talvas, Maud Marchal & Anatole Lécuyer (Inria)

Best Poster

  • Evolution and Usability of Ubiquitous Immersive 3D Interfaces
    Aryabrata Basu, Kyle Johnsen & Kenneth Bogert (Univ. of Georgia)